Vertical Type Automatic Labeling Machine

We are offering a labeling service that provides our customers with convenience, efficiency, and time to market. This Automatic Vertical Labeling Machine is precise and efficient. below is a list of benefits of using the machine.

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Our Automatic Vertical Labeling Machine specializes in working efficiency, vertical type labeling, is more precise, is more stable, and supports vertical type transmission. These are used in zip-top cans, abluents, wine bottles, and more since they’re used for self-adhesive labeling labels for different types of cylinder products. The Vertical Type Automatic Labeling Machine is used in Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Electrical, Chemical, Food, etc. industries.

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  • Adopt High stability German LEUZE / Datasensor labeling system, Panasonic or Vigor PLC, Panasonic or Riko Signal transmission system.
  • Embrace the Datasensor labeling system / High stability German LEUZE, Vigor PLC or Panasonic, Riko Signal transmission system. The operation is high-speed and stable.
  • Easy to use, Efficient, functional because of the use of the touch-screen control operating system.
  • Accommodate different shapes of objects on top labeling
  • Adjustments to suppress the movement of the body correctly
  • Synchronization chain mechanism ensure labeling smooth and precise calibration;
  • To ensure labeling is precise and smooth calibration, you must have a synchronization chain mechanism.
  • With the advanced technology of the pneumatic coding system, you will need the batch expiry and number. A coding printer is an option.
  • Transmission-type rolling bottles, check twice to make sure all labels are attached more firmly.
  • Labeling transparent label without bubble and wrinkle; (fine sensor is optional)
  • Label fine label without any wrinkles or bubbles
  • On another scale, it can be labeled on the semi-round or full round. Quickly shift the labels between each bottle. Adjustment is acceptable.
  • Label belt with no diverge, label cover label in one position, slip degree, and label position X/Y/Z 3 direction can be adjusted by an eight angle degree.
  • Improve packing quality, advance in elastic cover label belt, high quality of labeling, no scrapes, and even labeling.
  • Application flexible & vertical for labeling both have automatic sub-bottle can work together with the assembly line.
  • Automatic correct, automatic testing, intelligent control, & automatic photoelectric tracing can eliminate wasting or leaking.
  • Label testing electronic eye with high stability and high-grade electronic control.

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  • The width of the label: 15 to 90 mm ( back paper: 15 - 100 mm)
  • The length of the label: 20 to 314 mm
  • The size of the product:
    • The diameter of the product: φ25mm to 100mm
    • The height of the product: 25mm to 230mm
    • The max of the outside diameter of the label roll: φ280mm
    • The inside of the diameter of the label roll: φ76mm
  • The max speed of the labeling: 120 pcs/min
  • The accuracy of the labeling: ±1mm
  • The overall power: 220V to 110V 50 to 60Hz 980W
  • The Machine Net Weight: 200KG
  • The Machine Dimension: 1950mm x 1100mm x 1300 mm

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