KAS Offers the Following Services
  • Kitting KAS packs customer products into individual units.
  • Assembly Our company assembles a multitude of products and ships as needed.
  • Shipping KAS provides cost effective shipping along with guidance in all shipping methods (I.e., UPS, FED-EX, freight and air).
  • Receiving Our company maintains accurate inventory and receipt of customer products.
  • Custom Packaging KAS designs and creates custom boxes and labels.
  • Quality Control Our company ensures quality control of products with customer guidance.
  • Storage KAS will store, pull and ship product as needed.
Benefits of Using KAS Killing Services:
  • Our company reduces the customer’s need and cost for space by providing off-site storage.
  • KAS provides labor solutions to help economically manage activity spikes and meet last minute orders and special events.
  • Our company enables direct delivery of customer products to KAS, saving customer time and space and to insure inventory is accurate upon receipt.
  • KAS provides shipping services and discounts and is centrally located within the U.S.
  • Our company provides off-site assembly and people power for the building process of individual units for marketing, promotional and special events, including last minute projects.
  • KAS ensures quality control through accurate receiving, kitting and shipping in a safe and secure off-site facility.

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