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Kitting and Amazon FBA Fulfillment Services

KAS receives, packs and ships your products as individual units, with the ability to customize boxes and labels for Amazon fulfillment services.Tell me more…


Assembly Services

KAS assembles a multitude of products and provides shipping wherever you designate, or stores products for future use.Tell me more…


Shipping and Receiving

KAS can receive, inventory and store products until ready to be kitted and shipped, and then arrange for cost effective shipping. We provide guidance to you in all shipping methods such as UPS, FED-EX, freight and air.Tell me more…

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Kitting and Assembly Solutions, LLC

Welcome to our business page. We provide Amazon FBA Fulfillment, kitting services, assembly, and shipping and receiving from our warehouse. We service the Denver Metro area as well as nationally. Visit our “Why Outsource” page for more about our company. Please check out the links above for more information. Do you have the need for additional storage space? Does your business find it needs to reduce staff and overhead? Do you have a need for additional capacity? Did you know that we can fulfill last minute orders? Did you know we have the ability to get discounts on shipping helping you reduce some of your overhead costs? Do you need to ship quality products? You are in the right place. Whether you need kitting services or assembly solutions, we are here to help you. Please contact us using the link above and we will be happy to assist you.

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